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Stompy has been a mainstay of Pauper for years, but it's never quite broken out. Brian Demars thinks it might finally have the tools it needs to dominate.
preview image for Instant Deck Tech: I've Got the Knack (Pauper)
How do you go all infinite in a format that only allows commons? With Banishing Knack of course!
Why can't creatures seem to keep up with the spells in Pauper, and why is the barrier to entry so high for them? Alex examines the question.
Brian DeMars is here to walk you through his list for one of Pauper's premier control decks. Have you heard about this card, Gray Merchant of Asphodel?
Pauper is one of Magic's deepest and most diverse formats, and today Brian highlights 10 of the top decks in the format.
Pauper Reanimator has gotten some new toys to work with, and Alex has dug in to find out if the archetype now has what it takes to compete at the top.
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How far can Arcum's Astrolabe take a manabase in Pauper? Is it enough to play four colors of spells with only black lands? Let's see!
Pauper started as a way to play with cheap common cards, but as with anything that gets big, there's money to be made! Chas Andres has your guide to Pauper finance, plus This Week's Trends!
Is Aggro viable in Pauper? Today Alex examines why the archetype is struggling right now and what players can do to get ahead of Control decks.
preview image for Pauper Comes to Paper
Pauper, the popular commons-only format, will be getting a facelift and official tournament support over the next several weeks.
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